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Import & Export

You might hear other companies say they are both global and local. it’s true for us in a way that’s impossible for others to claim.  

We are the only Kuwait-based global power company in the world, which gives us a unique set of knowledge to develop and deliver unique energy solutions.  

Our deep local roots mean that we are completely integrated and invested in the communities where we work. We respect and understand the local culture to deliver greener energy solutions in the way that makes the best sense for each community. 

Our global reach means we have the ability and responsibility to develop and deliver new solutions, and to do so at scale. We share the experiences we have so that we can bring innovation and a broader range of solutions from one market to another. 


Electricity is generated by generating stations and transmitted to load centers from where it is distributed to end consumers. These load centers are controlled by distribution utilities, and there is an inter-change of energy between different utilities connected to the grid.

Consumers connected to the distribution utilities, though consuming active energy may or may not consume reactive energy. There may be consumers whose loads are predominantly inductive and other consumers whose loads are predominantly capacitive. There may be bulk consumers who have their own generators who operate their generators in synchronism with the grid, drawing active energy from the system or even exporting active energy into the system.

The exchange of electricity is complex in such situations, and four quadrant energy measurements are needed to accurately measure the active and reactive energy under different export/import conditions for both active & reactive energy.

Energy measurement under such situations will depend on applicable tariff structures, and hence to cater for different tariff structures in the environment of import/export of active/reactive energy special data logging/measuring features are required in meters. In this regards there are three forms of measurements to deal with (in metering) and these are active energy, reactive energy & apparent energy. The definitions and inter-relations are explained for import/export are explained below

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