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Supply and Services

Since its incorporation, Specialities Energy Company (SEC) supplied a huge quantity products of OCTG to upstream client Kuwait, and achieved the great success and appreciations for bringing the new principals aiming the raise of quality and economical figures.

Our principal variety of top quality mills, international wide network of stocking locations, and best in class customer service make us one of the industry’s most trusted names as OCTG supplier. We stock through our business JV’s a complete range of API and Premium Casing and Tubing in convenient locations in Middle East.

  • OCTG - API & Premium Connection
  • Well Head OCTG Accessories
  • Casing Hardware
  • Valves
  • Liner Hanger & Packers
  • PCP pump Systems
  • Steam Generators
  • Boilers


Diagnostic techniques

We specialize in Advanced NDT methods like ToFD and Phased Array. However, our engineers are certified and have experience in many traditional methods of non-destructive testing like eddy-current, positive material identification (PMI), traditional ultrasonic testing and ultrasonic thickness measurements, magnetic particle testing, radiographic testing, liquid penetrant testing, ferrite number measurement, and many others.

  • Implementation of educational programs in the field of non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics and related processes.
  • Organization of specialty seminars on metrology, information and organizational support activities in the field of measuring, testing, nondestructive testing and technical diagnostics.
  • relevant normative and technical documentation, as well as reference documentation and educational material and complete detailed training is provided by our principale

Using of non-destructive testing can solve the following tasks:

  1. Quality control of welded joints
  2. Determination of geometrical deviations
  3. Leakage monitoring
  4. Measurement of residual strength
  5. Development of procedures for structural and technological equipment monitoring
  6. Strength and stability calculation
  7. Calculation of residual life based on the corrosion damage.


  1. Visual testing (VT)
  2. Magnetic Particle testing (MT)
  3. Eddie Current testing (ET)
  4. Ultrasonic testing (UT)
  5. Leakage testing (LT) vacuum box bubble
  6. Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UT-T)

Pipeline Projects:

  1. Providing the NDT Services on the welded products, Shrinking Services, Pre-construction activities
  2. Trenching
  3. Stringing
  4. Bending
  5. Non-destructive testing
  6. Heat shrinkable sleeves
  7. Lowering-in
  8. Welding
  9. Backfilling H
  10. Hydro testing
  11. Start-up activities
  12. Open Cut
  13. Thrust Boring
  14. Valve stations erection
  15. Horizontal Directional Drilling
  16. Cathodic Protection
  17. Fiber Optic Cable Installation

EPF (Early Production Facilities):

  1. Design
  2. Separators
  3. Desalters
  4. Crude Stabilisation Column
  5. Chemical Injection System
  6. Crude Heater
  7. Crude Stabilization Column
  8. Day Tanks & Storage Tanks
  9. Desalter/Dehydrator
  10. DG Diesel Generator Set
  11. Flare System
  12. Fuel Oil System
  13. Heat Exchanger
  14. Separator
  15. Truck Loading Terminals
  16. Utility & Instrument Air System

Non-Intrusive Internal Corrosion Monitoring of Pipelines:

We provide the services
Resolution of high quality and accuracy has been made possible by careful refinement of SEC equipment, production and technology, with notable innovations in the following areas:

  • Signal processing
  • Electronics with high signal to noise ratios
  • Optimum placement of transducers relative to the pipe wall
  • Electronics and transducers capable of operating in seawater at great depth and in high temperature
  • Temperature compensation capability: the system is able to adjust to variations in the speed of sound caused by temperature variations in the medium (seawater or steel)
  • Delivers real time data
  • Automated measurement, logging and analysis
  • Flexible measurement intervals determined by client
  • Can be installed subsea
  • Can be installed on new pipelines or retrofitted to existing lines


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